Partnering with our clients, we execute on three major cubes of business:

Brand Planning & Storytelling

Your story is what sets you apart from the rest. Your brand is how clients perceive you. You know what makes you unique – let us share that message so the world remembers.

Distribution Through Relevant Platforms

Consumers today get their information from a variety of ever-changing sources. We will keep your company up to speed by getting your message out on the most relevant social media, advertising, and news platforms for your industry.

Detailed Analytical Reporting

Our analytical reporting platform will provide you with in-depth reports about your own business, as well as comparisons to your competitors. We work to break down and analyze this information so you have more time to do what you do best.

Our Story

Being innovators in the social media space, we are constantly being asked to advise people in our network on how to implement a social media strategy. We realize we can impart wisdom to our peers, but they aren't able to devote the time required to fully utilize all the tools of the digital world.

This led to Company Cubed; a company built on the understanding that our clients don't have time to focus on their audience because their focus is on their offering. We step in as Brand Ambassadors on your behalf, ensuring your message is clear, concise and being delivered to your audience regularly.

We take this one step further and provide you with detailed reporting so you can see metrics on exactly what strategies are working for you. With customizable partnership plans, we are sure you will be able to tailor a plan exactly to your needs.


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